HandsFree HF01


Scannt auf Metal und vielen anderen Oberflächen gedruckte 1D und 2D Barcodes mit etlichen Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten

• HF01 liefert Strom für das SmartPhone und Fingerscanner
• 3000mAh Wechselakku
• Ladestation für Wechselakku
• Drehvorrichtung
• HF01 macht beide Hände frei zum Anpacken


HandsFree HF01 new smart barcode scanner terminal is a wearable barcode data collection terminal, which is different from traditional data acquisition terminal.It inherited the merits of the ring type barcode scanner, much convenient to scan terminals fixed on your hands,so that you can upgrade the mobile phone or tablet pc into a professional barcode data collection terminal, you can easily use it for items selection, sorting, recording.smart wearable data terminal can make your workers keep their hands and eyes on the materials when they are handling and capture barcode on the fly with ring barcode scannerIn warehouse management, freight forwarding, pipeline material tracking, product barcode traceability, shopping malls and so on,it plays an important part in application value, improve your working efficiency, reduce the personnel allocation, as well as exempting the expensive barcode datacollection system.
1. HF01 smart barcode scanning terminals only need to install a Tablet PC or a mobile phone barcode scanning , then it can be performed, and handle the barcode data as well as scan the barcode, meanwhile, compatible with a wide range of mobile phones andtablet pc available in the market
2. HF01 smart bar code scanning terminal arm support built-in 3000 mA mobile power supply, and carry on the power supply for the scanner and mobile phones. Such degign make it have longer battery life.
3. HF01 smart barcode terminal accords with human body engineering structure design, and the rotate stent platform, it make it easy for you to see the data information from every angles.Withrotate ring style barcode scanners, wherever you wear in theleft hand or right hand can easily finish the work of barcode scanning.
4. You can fix your mobile phone sleeve on the stent platform through the screws, or use the non-fixed residual rubber to stick your phone or tablet PC.Surely, you also can choose to customize your exclusive cell phone protective sleeve.
5. phone barcode scanning terminal, working with the powerful smartphone applications, which can realise data processing, voice broadcast and other functions


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